Our Specialties

  • Planning and grazing prescriptions to achieve conservation and sustainability objectives
  • Monitoring of conservation performance, interpretation of results, and adaptation of plans
  • Grazing-related infrastructure for conservation rangelands
  • Scholarly investigations, expert workgroups, and training programs on management challenges

Planning and Assessment

  • Conservation-oriented planning for ranches and horse facilities
  • Expertise on habitat, water quality and erosion, pest plants, shrub encroachment, and fire hazard reduction
  • Emphasis on special resource priorities, flexibility, and sustainability
  • Evaluation of existing and needed infrastructure


  • Design and implementation tailored to project needs and resources
  • Compliance, stewardship effectiveness, and ecosystem health
  • Timely reporting with summaries of results, analysis and recommendations
  • RDM mapping for easy to understand, impactful figures
  • Advanced technology to improve efficiency and speed sharing of results

Grazing Lease Advising and Supervision

  • Coordination and supervision of conservation-oriented grazing leases
  • Liaison between landowner, lessees, and other stakeholders
  • On-call, day-to-day and annual guidance
  • Consultation on lease development
  • Customized training, workshops, and guidance materials

Legal Support

  • Investigation of livestock escape, collisions with vehicles, and damages to property or resources
  • Analysis of livestock infrastructure and conditions 
  • Expert witness testimony