LD Ford, Consultant in Rangeland Conservation Science: QUALIFICATIONS


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Lawrence D. Ford, Ph.D., Principal and Senior Rangeland Conservation Scientist

Felix Ratcliff, Ph.D., Rangeland Conservation Scientist and Project Manager

Pete Van Hoorn, M.S., Rangeland Ecologist


Photos by L. Ford--(left) the urban-wildland interface, cattle grazing on the right (Solano County, Calif.); and (right) a coastal site with grazing excluded for decades, resulting in dense growth of non-native herbaceous plants by summer and encroachment of coyotebrush and conifers into former grassland, thus greatly increased fire hazard; and a stock pond densely vegetated, thus reduced habitat quality for California red-legged frog (San Mateo County, Calif.).

Professional Commitments:

  • Client benefits and satisfaction over the long-term
  • Rapid, capable, and up-to-date response to client needs
  • Effective coordination with the client and key participants, including regulatory agency personnel
  • Scholarship in assessing the best management options, ecosystem functions, and environmental effects, in review of others' work, and in writing of plans; identification and incorporation of the best available science
  • Conservation of healthy ecosystem components and functions, including the human environment, and appropriate and sustainable use of resources
  • Adherence to professional codes of ethics

Fee Schedule available upon request; please contact us.