LD Ford, Consultant in Rangeland Conservation Science:



Do you own or manage a horse property, and need technical assistance with planning to:

1. Improve stewardship of the pastures, grazing lands, wetlands, riparian areas, or wildlife habitat areas?

2. Assess how many horses can be supported by those lands?

3. Determine whether you have any lands management problems or special resources issues that you could improve, to be a better steward?

4. Supplement the technical advising available from your local office of the University of California Cooperative Extension Sercvice, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) or Resource Conservation District (RCD)?



We can work with you to provide:

1. Advising and preliminary assessments of the status of your management issues, and about what you can do to improve stewardship of your property;

2. More detailed assessments of key issues and special resources with an illustrated report;

3. Follow-up monitoring of the status of key issues and special resources identified in the assessments


Horse Property Stewardship Issues:

  • Pasture and rangeland management
  • Soil erosion reduction
  • Water pollution reduction
  • Pest plant ID and infestation controls
  • Manure management
  • Fire hazard reduction
  • Biodiversity and endangered species ID and habitat improvement
  • Wildlife-friendly fencing, watering, and ponds
  • Enhancement of riparian woodlands
  • Integration of horse operations with associated agricultural and other commercial activities
  • Regulation and permiting
  • Referrals to sources of expert technical assistance