LD Ford, Consultant in Rangeland Conservation Science: CLIENTS

Typical Clients:

  • Land trusts, park and reserve systems, and open space districts
  • Municipal, state, federal, and cooperative land management agencies
  • Conservation easement holders or managers; mitigation lands managers
  • Private landowners and land management associations, including ranches, horse properties, and horse parks
  • Residential construction and real estate development companies
  • Resource management planning consultants
  • Law firms and insurance companies

Regions: California--Central Coast, San Francisco Peninsula, East Bay, North Bay, North Coast, Mount Hamilton Range, San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley, Sierra Foothills; Arizona; and Hawaii

Most of our projects originate when a rangeland owner or manager recognizes special-status resources (such as endangered plants or animals) that are dependent upon grazing or similar management. We are called for technical assistance to assess, plan, or monitor the grazing management. Our challenge is to assess all the resources and conditions present, then to plan for the maximum benefits to the special resources and the control of fire hazards and pest plants, while causing minimal impacts, and sustaining a viable livestock enterprise to conduct the grazing.

Client and project history available upon request. Please contact us.