LD Ford, Consultant in Rangeland Conservation Science: INVESTIGATIONS AND EXPERT WITNESS FOR LEGAL CASES


Litigation Advocacy:

  • Preliminary assessment of causes and strengths of case
  • Identification of topics for investigation
  • Advising on case strategy
  • Expert investigations
  • Confidentiality

Livestock Escape, Livestock-Vehicle Collision, Injury:

  • Assessment of escape site and fencing condition
  • Assessment of infrastructure maintenance practices
  • Assessment of livestock management planning and practices
  • Investigation of potential causes of the escape

Grazing Management Quality and Rangeland Health:

  • Survey of indicators of livestock and rangeland management history
  • Survey of indicators of rangeland ecosystem health

Case Experience and Locations:

  • Livestock escapes and collisions with vehicles or personal injury--California
  • Rangeland management impacts and property damage--California and Hawaii
  • Riparian area management impacts--California


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