VISIONS -- Protect all the threatened elements of rangeland ecosystems, including endangered species, soil, water, ranchers, agency managers, and the rangelands themselves.

-- Continually improve understanding and professional capacity to sustain grassland and savanna biodiversity and the livestock operations that support these ecosystems.

MISSION -- Use our unique combination of expertise in conservation science and rangeland management, especially in California's Mediterranean grasslands, to help clients succeed in their missions and cooperate with one another. We explore together to find solutions that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.


We provide the following rangeland conservation services:

1. Comprehensive Rangeland Assessment and Management Planning

2. Rangeland Monitoring and Grazing Lease/Easement Supervision

3. Investigations and Expert Witness for Legal Cases Involving Livestock and Rangelands


We excel at listening to our clients’ needs, then leading teams of specialists and practitioners (as needed), using the best available scientific scholarship, to assess circumstances and assist in planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring, and adapting to future changes.

Please request our Statement of Qualifications.

Photos by L. Ford--(left) typical effects of well-managed spring grazing by cattle on wildflowers and butterfly habitat, grazing on the right, excluded on the left (Santa Clara County, Calif.); (middle) an ideal stock pond for California red-legged frog habitat, partly fenced with grazing by cattle on the left, excluded on the right (Contra Costa County, Calif.); and (right) an ideal stock pond for California tiger salamander habitat, no exclusion of cattle grazing (Alameda County, Calif.).


Contact information:
Lawrence "Larry" D. Ford, Ph.D.
Principal and Senior Rangeland Conservation Scientist

5984 Plateau Drive, Felton, CA 95018-9253
Phone/Fax: 831.335.3959
Email: fordld "at"

Pete Van Hoorn, M.S.
Rangeland Conservation Scientist and Project Manager

Phone: 510.710.4107
Email: petevanhoorn "at"


Technical Presentations by L. Ford and P. Van Hoorn: To view or download formal conference presentations by Dr. Ford or Mr. Van Hoorn about rangeland management and conservation, focusing on California annual grasslands and their special resources, go to "Presentations."


NEWS--about Rangeland Management and Conservation... February 24, 2016:

1. Central Coast Rangeland Coalition, Spring 2016 Meeting, April 21, 2016, Sunol, CA

This gathering will provide an opportunity for local ranchers to describe their commitment and investment as well as the economic realities of managing cattle operations in California. The gathering will include technical experts who will clarify how costs, profits, and revenue need to balance out for an operation to be viable. Also, public land managers will speak to the costs, opportunities, and challenges of supporting ranching operations on public lands. It will be held on Thursday, April 21, 2016, 8:45am – 4:30pm at the San Francisco Public Utility Commission Sunol Yard, 505 Paloma Way, Sunol, CA

For more information, and to pre-register click here.

2. Central Coast Rangeland Coalition, Rancher, Manager, and Scientist Forum on Rangeland Conservation

We are very pleased to announce this important part of the CCRC has been funded for a second 5-year period. Our sponsors are the East Bay Regional Park District and The Nature Conservancy of California. Grey Hayes and I will begin planning the topics by interviewing the sponsoring agencies and local ranchers, then selecting graduate student fellows and their faculty sponsors.

You may view the graduate student papers by clicking here, then searching for that heading.

3. New Publication Series—Understanding Working Rangelands

Sheila Barry, County Director, Santa Clara and Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, San Francisco Bay Area, is the lead author for the series. Two publications were co-authored by Larry Ford. You can find and download four new peer-reviewed publications in this series at the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources catalog by clicking here.

4. Devii Rao’s New Blog on Livestock and Natural Resources

Devii Rao, the new Livestock and Natural Resources Farm Advisor for San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz County (and my former apprentice), has a new blog and other sources of info on Central Coast rangelands. She is busy planning her priorities to serve the needs of ranchers, agency managers, and consultants in the region.

Check out the blog by clicking here.